5 Reasons to Stay Inside and Paint during the COVID-19 Pandemic


While most of the world is stocking up on Toilet Paper, my Fusionistas are stocking up on paint, and for good reason!

Paint sure is good for the soul! In today’s uncertain times, this couldn’t be more poignant.


Did you know that we at Fusion Mineral Paint only supply small independent businesses? We too grew from being a very small business, so we understand the difficulties on a regular basis, adding this Pandemic has the potential to be financially devastating to thousands of small businesses. One thing I will say is that this paint community is so incredibly supportive. To get through this we all must work together. Here are some ways that you can support your local small businesses during this time. 

  • Buy a gift card for a later date
  • Book an online course or workshop
  • Call your local stores to see if they offer home deliveries
  • Order Online from your favourite independent retailer

5 reasons why Fusion Mineral Paint is flying off the store shelves at your local retailer.:




Painting is therapeutic. Over the years I’ve heard many stories of lives that paint has changed. It’s helped people through their toughest times in life. It’s known that when painting for even only 30 minutes a day, our cortisol levels drop. Otherwise known as the stress hormones, that fight or flight instinct that has most of us all wound up. The simple act of painting is meditative, it helps to calm. the nervous system. It can’t hurt! So get out those painting projects!




I specifically created a non-toxic paint so that you could paint knowing that you were not harming your health, or the health of your loved ones. So get those paint brushes out and paint indoors all you want!! That’s right, we’re supposed to be staying inside, away from others during this social distancing time, so this is the perfect indoor activity!




I do love the game show, but I mean the cost of up cycling and using Fusion Mineral Paint is very reasonable! Most likely you’re looking to up-cycle an heirloom, or a curb-side find, that in itself if free! The paint itself is around the $20-$25 range to be able to paint several pieces of furniture, and other than that, costs you your time – which we all seem to have an excess of right now!





Never picked up a paint brush before? Doesn’t matter! That’s right, even my 4 year old son *helps* me out with lots of projects! Well my clean up might be a little longer than usual after, thank goodness Fusion Mineral Paint is water based as all I need is water!!  Having my son paint with me I am able to share one of my greatest passions with him. I love seeing his creativity come to life, and I love teaching him the simple things like how to hold a paint brush, how much paint to have on the brush etc.  That’s the great thing about Fusion, if you’re new to painting, there’s no worries, it’s easy to use!




Unleash your creative side. “Creativity takes courage” Henri Matisse.  I created Fusion Mineral Paint, to take away the intimidation of painting, to really show anyone they can paint a masterpiece. How you feel transforming a piece, it isn’t just about the physical transformation, psychological transformation of something new being created by you. It’s something to be so very proud of.


And most importantly talk to your neighbours, especially the elderly. Check in with them and see how they are doing. Offer to pick up necessities and food for them to limit their risk of exposure. There is so much that we can be doing as a community to stop the spread of this Virus

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