Struggling to Successful: The Inspirational Story of Homestead Paint Co.

“You have one year, Jen. If you can’t turn the business around by then, we’re closing our doors forever.”

My dad’s voice was gentle but firm. This wasn’t a negotiation; this was the last hurrah. The final push before our family business, Homestead Paint Co., officially failed. 

… And I was the one in charge of the transformation. 


My track record wasn’t great. 

And even though I’d been immersed in the reality of small business ownership since childhood, I had zero experience in running my own business … let alone bringing one back from the brink.

Sure, there’d been the adventure trips I’d seamlessly planned and pulled off without a hitch for groups of 170 people at a time. 

But that was a drop in the ocean compared to my next challenge. 

Add into the (paint) mix that my parents had been incredibly vocal about wanting more for me, and you could practically smell my anxiety. 

Yet I’d begged and pleaded for the chance to run Homestead Paint Co. and see what I could do with it. 

My entrepreneurial spirit ran deep, and I was excited about the opportunity to do my own thing. 

Heck, if at the very least I could just pay the bills and earn a tiny wage, I’d be ecstatic.  

Flash forward to today and Homestead Paint Co. and my Fusion Mineral Paints business can be found in over 2000 locations worldwide. 

We employ over 20 happy humans and are one of the most beloved eco-friendly paint brands in the globe. 

We’re about as far from failing as we are from sending a mermaid to the moon. 

(Wondering how I did it? Stay tuned: In my next post I’ll be sharing three things I did to build my best-selling business!)

Which brings me here, with you, on my very own corner of the internet! 

I created this blog to inspire you to achieve your dreams. 

Big or small, crazy or wild, impossible or unbelievable, I believe your dreams deserve your love, attention and devotion. 

And regardless of budget or limitations, I believe you can bring your dreams to life. 

But … that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! 

Each week, I’ll be here with stylish content designed to walk you through the ins and outs of dream-chasing, from:

  • Supporting you to pick up a paint brush for the first time and transform your space from boring to beautiful. 
  • Helping your build your business with behind-the-scenes tips and guidance from somebody who’s been where you are. 
  • Empowering you to take the next step – in business, in travel, in your home and in your life. 

Not to mention:

  • Interior design tips.
  • Self-care for mums and entrepreneurs.
  • Yummy, easy recipes you can make on the go.
  • Travel inspo to motivate your next adventure. 

Excited? Me too! 

While you’re waiting for my next post, why not pop on over to @jennylynpringle on insta and scoop up the latest goss and stories?

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