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Painting for purpose


Last year we at Fusion Mineral Paint decided to support Breast Cancer awareness through the development of a new colour. A Vibrant fun and full of life bright pink, voted to be named CUREiously pink.

We were so happy to present Donna with a cheque for her incredible charity. The stories she shared with me deeply saddened me and I realized how important this cause was to continue supporting, so we’re back and supporting it again this year with a new pink! Recently we had a vote on a new colour, Peony was the winner! We hope to have this in stores early 2020. $1.00 from every container sold again will be donated to the Breast Cancer Support Fund. 

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I learned something really interesting from Donna. She told me that in fact, the very first Pink Ribbon wasn’t pink at all, it was Peach! Based on their very Breast Cancer Support Fund, “The icon in the logo is Peach in colour, as a tribute to Charlotte Haley who created the first “breast cancer ribbon”. the colour was Peach, not pink.

On Thursday October 3rd, Fusion Mineral Paint will be joining a collection of amazing humans at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto as a proud sponsor for the very first Peach Party hosted by the Breast Cancer Support Fund.

This is a cause close to my heart. In Canada alone, more than 26,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. This isn’t just a physical and emotional burden either, but a financial one too.

I couldn’t imagine the stress of going through treatment, all while trying to focus on your healing, and being worried about paying the bills.  


Which is why we are over the moon to act as a sponsor for the Peach party! The Breast Cancer Support Fund exists to offer tangible financial support to breast cancer patients and the Peach Party is just one of the many (amazing) ways they raise funds. 

And as I get ready to slip on my dancing shoes and let my hair down at the party of the year, I wanted to take a moment to talk about healing.

One of the (many) reasons I love my business is that it genuinely offers people an opportunity to unleash their creativity and embrace their inner selves.

Not sure what I mean? Let’s dive in a little deeper …


Painting as therapy


Fusion™ Mineral Paint is a family owned and operated Canadian paint company, with a strong focus on DIY home décor paints. 

With health being a top priority, the Fusion product line was developed to be exceptionally eco conscious. Our paint is zero VOC, free from formaldehyde and ammonia. So you can trust it’s safe in your home, with your family, and by your side as a creative partner.

Because paint is therapy.

Paint is healing.

Paint is good for the soul.

And we’re not the only ones that think so either!

We hear about people using paint for therapeutic purposes all the time at Fusion. It’s not just about transforming a wall or a piece of furniture, it’s also about the inner transformation that happens too.

Taking time out of your busy life to put down the phone, turn off your emails (and maybe turn up the music!) and focus on something like painting can be game-changing, especially when you need healing.

Here are some of the reasons I’m passionate about painting as therapy.

  • Art therapy is well known as a method for easing and healing psychological complaints.
  • Creativity and art forms (such as painting, drawing, dancing, music, writing, theatre etc.) has been shown by psychologists to free subjectivity and self-expression to ease inner conflict and communication problems.
  • A study published in the American Journal of Public Health revealed that creative projects can reduce stress and anxiety and promote positive feelings.
  • Creative projects can provoke a meditative state that boosts mental clarity and feelings of wellness.
  • Finishing a creative venture releases dopamine, the feel-good molecule that can reduce depression and increase confidence.


Feeling inspired?


Want to help us help this cause? We will be donating $1.00 from every Pint sold of Peony to this charity. Look out for the new colour in 2020!


Here is a look at some of the fun had and the basket Fusion donated to raffle off for the meaningful cause.



From our family to yours,

Paint it Beautiful™!


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