How to Build a Best-Selling Business

It was 2008 and I’d just been fired from my very first real job. 

… After only two weeks. 

Well that’s great, I thought to myself. 

But was I really going to be fired for being late once? I looked in my bosses’ eyes and realised that, yeah, I was. 

That was it. 

Job over. 

Brilliant work, Jennylyn. 

Shocked, and still reeling, I walked home with my shoulders tucked up to my ears. I was ashamed and embarrassed. But with every step, I felt a fire begin to burn inside of me. 

My work ethic was exceptional. I was dedicated, devoted and hard-working. 


I deserved a second chance. And if they weren’t going to give it to me, I was going to give it to myself. 

In that moment, my entrepreneurial spirit was born, and I was ready, fiercely ready, to do my own thing. 

But, if you’ve read, ‘Struggling to Successful: The Inspirational Story of Homestead Paint Co.”, you’ll know it wasn’t an easy journey to get from where I was to where I am today.  

There were months I didn’t get paid. 

There were (many) nights I didn’t get sleep. 

And there were numerous moments when I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. 

But …

I did it. 

I took my parent’s business from struggling to successful, and managed to build a brand that, today, is available in more than 1,000 stores worldwide. 

So … How’d I do it?

Well, I’ve drunk so much tea I should have shares in Sloane Tea at this stage. But it was more than just passion that build my best-selling business. 

It was purpose. 

Tweet this: Passion without purpose is pointless. 

I was deeply motivated to make my business succeed. Failure, as corny as this sounds, simply wasn’t an option. 

More than that though, I had a vision for my business … And I was ready to bring it to life. 

Here’s how I did it. 

Three things I did to build my best-selling business


I worked (really, really) hard. 

Okay, so I was late to work once. (Yep, it still stings!) But the truth is that I was – and still am – a very hard worker. While I was building Homestead House Paint Co. and Fusion Mineral Paint, I worked 16-hour days, seven days a week. 

I sacrificed my social life (and some of my sanity) to turn my business dreams into reality. 

This wasn’t just so I’d have a cool blog post to write later. This was because it was what my business needed. 

If my business were an overgrown garden, I was in there on my hands and my knees, digging out the weeds, pruning the plants, lovingly watering the seedlings and doing whatever it took to transform it into the oasis I knew it could be. 

It was hard.  But it was worth every second. 

(Even if it meant that to this day, I’ve never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones)

I took risks. 

Collaborating with a popular blogger on a line of paints wasn’t a tried-and-tested path for success when we partnered with Miss Mustard Seed. 

Sure, it was innovative and creative. 

But were we sure it would work? Absolutely not. It was a huge risk!

Seeing new potential and being able to brand for the times has been one of the foundations of my business success. 

Being unafraid* to take risks, even when there seemed to be zero possibility of making it happen, financially or logistically, quickly became my calling card. 

After all, you don’t know if you don’t try. 

*Okay, I’m always a little afraid … but courage doesn’t exist without fear!

I networked. 

Homestead House Paint Co and Mineral Fusion Paints have, and always will be, very human. We’re built on the dreams, desires and genius of wonderful humans, not only in our warehouse and paint lab, but in our marketing too. 

I’ve always known that it’s not the homes we’re making beautiful that matter: It’s the humans we’re doing it for. 

By networking and connecting with clients worldwide and carefully listening to what they wanted and needed, I was able to build a brand and offer them a quality product solution that fulfilled their needs. 

Curious how a best-selling business is built every day?

Come on over to Instagram where I share behind-the-scenes secrets and stories from my entrepreneurial adventures! I’ll boil the kettle and meet you there. 

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