Fusion is 5!

Celebrating our five-year anniversary, with five things you didn’t know about Fusion Mineral Paint!

It’s 7pm on August 21st, 2019. Five years, to the day, since Fusion Mineral Paint was born. As I’m standing next to my mom, Loree, on a makeshift stage at the gorgeous Mango Reclaimed in Whitby.

There’s a crackle of excited electricity in the air.

Five years.

It’s a big deal for any business, but especially ours. However, we had no clue when we started Fusion that in just five years it’d be available worldwide in more than 1000 locations in over 20 countries.

So, we’re celebrating. Big time. We’ve got balloons, cupcakes and a custom cake made in the shape of a pint of paint in gorgeous Damask – Loree’s favorite colour that happily came out of retirement this year.

But more importantly, we’re surrounded by 100 of our friends, family, colleagues, partners and Fusion Mineral fans – all here to celebrate with us. For that we are thankful!

We share grins and, together, Loree and I share the history of Homestead House, our parent company, before giving a demo on the keys to furniture painting.

It’s a pinch-me moment, and one that I know I’ll cherish forever.

The only thing missing? You! Seriously, we’re so grateful for our readers, customers, fans and followers alike. To sum it up, YOU are the true heart of Fusion Mineral Paint!

So as we keep the celebrations rollin’, I thought I’d take a moment to treat you with five surprise facts I bet you didn’t know about Fusion Mineral Paint.

Five things you probably didn’t know about Fusion Mineral Paint


We’re a mother-daughter duo


Although Fusion Mineral paint is now a team effort, we started as a dream between my mom, Loree, and I. Loree had just returned to nursing full-time and I was only 29 years old –  in other words, not the stock standard qualifications for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, huh?


When Fusion was one year old, Loree fully retired from nursing and has been by my side since. As a result, together we have travelled North America and Europe, educating on all things paint! And what started out as an idea at the breakfast table quickly became an international success story.


We launched with just 24 colours

These were selected from our heritage collections from our parent company, Homestead House Paint Co. We picked the cream of the crop by honing in on our best-selling colours, then selected the ones that pair well with each other, making it easier for our customers to choose the perfect colour(s) for them.

Today, the range has over 50 (!!) gorgeous colours to choose from. Plus, we pride ourselves on working with incredible designers like Michael Penney and Lisa Marie Holmes to complement and evoke the latest trends in style.


Fusion was born (conceptually) in Belgium



At the breakfast table, in fact! And from first thought to store shelves, it took us only six months to bring Fusion to life.

We already had such an amazing formula to work with, and paired with our new vision, well … the rest was history.


Fusion was almost named after toilet paper



Cue awkward face emoji. Lucky we changed our minds, huh?  Fusion is a much better fit!

But wait … how on earth did we almost name ourselves after toilet paper? More on that story to come in the future!


We’re a heart (and human) focused business


Loree and I are passionate about people. We want to do everything we can to play our part in making the world a better place – for us and for future generations.

Which is why we chose to make Fusion in North America. It’s hand-poured and labelled here in Ontario, and our containers are made up of 30% recycled plastic.

Everything we do here is done ethically, to elevated standards.


We donate to over 20 different charities that are near and dear to our hearts and support local and small independent retailers only; no big box stores!

And there you have it: Five things you probably didn’t now about Fusion Mineral Paint!

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